Sunday Homily, Allowing the Lord to grow good fruits

Sunday Homily, Allowing the Lord to grow good fruits, 27th Sunday Ordinary

Pastor’s Corner

I hear many people are facing tremendous anxiety and fear about the ongoing pandemic in ways that are “obsessive.” It is good to take reasonable precautions to prevent Covid 19 including the use of masks, often cleaning your hands, and protecting vulnerable people. However, there are some people who seem to be facing an obsessive fear about the Coronavirus and the possibility of death. As I recommended in past bulletins, do not be afraid to enter into counseling, we post some recommended resources for this type of help.

Spiritually, it is important that one faces their fears and learns to trust in Jesus and God’s Divine providence. I perceive there are two major fears that Americans face with the current health crisis. First, that you might die from this “all pervading” virus. Second, that you might spread it to other vulnerable persons and be “at fault.”

While these are rational concerns the problem is “obsessing” over these fears, staying away from the sacraments, and not trusting in God’s providence. The Sacraments feed one, protect one to eternal life, and help one persevere through sufferings. We should all recognize and meditate on the reality that we will all some day die. However, God alone knows this day and will permit it according to His plan. Second, the Lord has permitted this plague and so many other plagues throughout history. In plagues in the past, and during persecution, Catholics recognized that the sacraments were worth dying for. Know that God will not judge you guilty for accidentally spreading Covid-19. Know also he has planned who will be permitted to get the virus or not. We should trust in Jesus through any illnesses or persecution and recognize this is part of His loving providence.