Marian Mission day 3 and 4

Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of praying on streets with recent murders, bringing the pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to occult stores, giving out many rosaries so I am finally getting to blogging. On Thursday I prayed with different groups on many streets near St. Veronica’s and St. Hugh’s. We prayed at a spot on Darien st. where someone was recently killed. It seemed to me that Darien st. and Franklin street, known for drugs, where particularly oppressive. People on these streets were happy to see us and one rejoiced that we were praying over the area. I prayed with St. Hugh’s parishioners on various streets including one botanica (occult store), a person nearby seemed very angry with me. One time during the day I went out with the sisters and the people where very eager to receive rosaries everywhere. I went with a group of girls who came from a local Catholic high school where Mother Incarnation went to pray on Erie st. they gave out many rosaries. Friday I prayed on many streets with junior legion of Mary and St. Hugh’s parishioners. People were open everywhere to us and the sisters gave out many rosaries.

Later on I went with the young adults to bring the pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the 4 botanicas in our parish in the late evening. Three that seemed active had heavy police presence around them and seemingly recent violence. I think I heard a gunshot one time while praying. We prayed the rosary as we drove from one Botanica to another. There was a strange problem with the windshield wiper that would not work in the rain. I prayed against evil spirits afflicting us and when I personally tried the windshield switch it worked for me, with priestly hands, while it would not work for the sister driving. We prayed for a “spirit of life” in the area against spirits of the “occult, death, third eye and violence” operating around the stores.