2nd Day Marian mission

Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

Well today we had another interesting day in the Holy Spirit. I begin the day walking with some of our sisters down Marshall st. just a few blocks from St. Veronica’s and the sisters convent. I did special deliverance prayers over the house of an infamous serial killer. Down the other side of the street I blessed someones house who requested it. Later in the day sisters had much fruit interacting with people on the street including homeless. One was crying after the encounter. It seemed to me there was almost as much fruit as a popular mission in number of people potentially who could be baptized or reconciled with the church, even though this is not our direct intention. I also blessed a house where whole family parishioners of ours died in a fire 12 years ago, which was caused by arson. Later I walked with St. Hugh’s parishioners for about 2 miles along A past alleghany st. to Indiana and back to St. Hugh’s. I said deliverance prayers at two botanicas, one of which was a psychic reading. Our hearty parishioners carried on despite tiredness, one had a blister on her foot, but did not complain. True missionaries.