1st Day Marian Mission, surprising fruits


Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

Small groups just seemed to flow in brought by Our Lady. The day started off with a small group who prayed on Tioga st. that runs right next to my parish. Two people were murdered a few blocks from my parish there recently. I started with preparatory deliverance prayers and I wore a St. Benedict stole and ring as I walked with the people. We walked by the places of the murders, where relatives and friends happened to be standing. We gave them miraculous medals and St. Benedict medals. In other places on A and Westmoreland people asked for their houses to be blessed. I prayed deliverance prayers outside of a botanica (occult store) on B street. I spread holy salt along the way on every street as we prayed the rosary. Later in the day two groups went out at once in early evening. The Spanish speaking Legion was praying around Tioga and 8th street. I prayed with a group of sisters, our sisters the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara, on Clearfield from arbor st. to 2nd st. We encountered people in the drug culture that we gave rosaries. Everyone seemed open to us. One sister gave a miraculous medal to a person who I think was a drug dealer. This was an act of courage, hoping Our Lady will work on him.  Thanks for all your prayers. Keep praying for us.