Update Marian Mission June 19 to 25

I walked the parish boundaries, about 7 miles total, Monday praying the rosary and stations as I went. I counted three botanical stores, (places that sell voodoo, santaria, etc items), and at least 3 infamous places with recent murders known for drugs. I hear this was also a place known to be the home of a serial killer in the area. I will bring the Guadalupe pilgrimage image from Dan Lynch ministries to these locations and prayer with some parishioners. 

Again any group of 3 or more, who wants to join us for the rosary march for some hours can signup for individual hours at the link through our parish website at www.saintveronicaparish.com   or  directly at Marian Mission St. Veronica’s.

People can also support us from a distance with prayers in their location. See  Marian Warriors signup 

Blessings in Jesus through Mary – Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE