Marian Mission Days 6 and 7

Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

We brought the Mother of Life, the pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to our Marian mission over the last few days. On Sunday we paraded her through the streets between the two churches, St. Hugh of Cluny and St. Veronica’s. The procession ended at our sisters convent, the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin Matara. Many in the neighborhood were impressed with the procession. Later in the day we walked the last few streets praying the rosary for some hours which were not covered. Some hearty Mexicans came from Southern Philadelphia to pray with me. Later I prayed with the Spanish legion when it started to shower. A grace this was the only time that we really got rained on. Through the providence of God we prayed over virtually every street.

Monday, we finished the Marian mission with a small journey of the pilgrimage image and a Mass. I took the pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the four cardinal limits of the parish, West, North, South, East. We had a little incident at one location with a small car accident. When someone swiped our car door as the Deacon was getting out of the car. Nobody was hurt and only cosmetic damage on the cars. A little reminder of the devil, who does not like our prayers. Everywhere I went I prepared by calling on angels, the precious blood of Jesus and Mother Mary to protect us. In the Lord’s providence we suffered just a little sacrifice to bring Our Lady to the area. I had to delay finishing the journey until after Mass, but we finished. We trust Our Lady will take our parish into her hands presenting it to Jesus. Many people would like to do it again for a day and maybe across the whole archdiocese of Philadelphia.


Marian Mission day 5

Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

On paper there was few signed up for today and heavy rain forecast. However, I think our prayer warriors standing behind the mission opened up the skies for us and brought us souls to pray over the area. Groups just seemed to flow in today to pray over different areas, including the family of one of our religious sister, SSVM, from outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area with children. The various legion of Mary presidium are the heart of the rosary marching crew. WE NEED MORE LEGIONNAIRES! Standing behind it all is my growing crew of prayer warriors from all over the country. I recruited 5 contemplative monasteries of nuns praying for the mission including two in Philadelphia. I asked former parishioners from my old parishes Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara, California, Mankato, Minnesota, and Virginia to pray for us, as well as family. Generous souls responded from all over the country. One faithful soul here at St. Veronica’s, Diane Hagey was praying at least 1.5 hours every day for the mission. I know her heart would like to walk with us, but her body will no longer allow it. I too have been trying to do special fasts and sacrificial prayers in support of the mission outside of the hours of the mission itself.

It is pray that grounds everything and Mother Mary whose pray come to Jesus that will conquer. 

Marian Mission day 3 and 4

Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of praying on streets with recent murders, bringing the pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to occult stores, giving out many rosaries so I am finally getting to blogging. On Thursday I prayed with different groups on many streets near St. Veronica’s and St. Hugh’s. We prayed at a spot on Darien st. where someone was recently killed. It seemed to me that Darien st. and Franklin street, known for drugs, where particularly oppressive. People on these streets were happy to see us and one rejoiced that we were praying over the area. I prayed with St. Hugh’s parishioners on various streets including one botanica (occult store), a person nearby seemed very angry with me. One time during the day I went out with the sisters and the people where very eager to receive rosaries everywhere. I went with a group of girls who came from a local Catholic high school where Mother Incarnation went to pray on Erie st. they gave out many rosaries. Friday I prayed on many streets with junior legion of Mary and St. Hugh’s parishioners. People were open everywhere to us and the sisters gave out many rosaries.

Later on I went with the young adults to bring the pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the 4 botanicas in our parish in the late evening. Three that seemed active had heavy police presence around them and seemingly recent violence. I think I heard a gunshot one time while praying. We prayed the rosary as we drove from one Botanica to another. There was a strange problem with the windshield wiper that would not work in the rain. I prayed against evil spirits afflicting us and when I personally tried the windshield switch it worked for me, with priestly hands, while it would not work for the sister driving. We prayed for a “spirit of life” in the area against spirits of the “occult, death, third eye and violence” operating around the stores.

2nd Day Marian mission

Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

Well today we had another interesting day in the Holy Spirit. I begin the day walking with some of our sisters down Marshall st. just a few blocks from St. Veronica’s and the sisters convent. I did special deliverance prayers over the house of an infamous serial killer. Down the other side of the street I blessed someones house who requested it. Later in the day sisters had much fruit interacting with people on the street including homeless. One was crying after the encounter. It seemed to me there was almost as much fruit as a popular mission in number of people potentially who could be baptized or reconciled with the church, even though this is not our direct intention. I also blessed a house where whole family parishioners of ours died in a fire 12 years ago, which was caused by arson. Later I walked with St. Hugh’s parishioners for about 2 miles along A past alleghany st. to Indiana and back to St. Hugh’s. I said deliverance prayers at two botanicas, one of which was a psychic reading. Our hearty parishioners carried on despite tiredness, one had a blister on her foot, but did not complain. True missionaries.

1st Day Marian Mission, surprising fruits


Praise be Jesus Christ, son of Mary! Where Mother Mary comes Jesus comes afterwards.

Small groups just seemed to flow in brought by Our Lady. The day started off with a small group who prayed on Tioga st. that runs right next to my parish. Two people were murdered a few blocks from my parish there recently. I started with preparatory deliverance prayers and I wore a St. Benedict stole and ring as I walked with the people. We walked by the places of the murders, where relatives and friends happened to be standing. We gave them miraculous medals and St. Benedict medals. In other places on A and Westmoreland people asked for their houses to be blessed. I prayed deliverance prayers outside of a botanica (occult store) on B street. I spread holy salt along the way on every street as we prayed the rosary. Later in the day two groups went out at once in early evening. The Spanish speaking Legion was praying around Tioga and 8th street. I prayed with a group of sisters, our sisters the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara, on Clearfield from arbor st. to 2nd st. We encountered people in the drug culture that we gave rosaries. Everyone seemed open to us. One sister gave a miraculous medal to a person who I think was a drug dealer. This was an act of courage, hoping Our Lady will work on him.  Thanks for all your prayers. Keep praying for us.

Update Marian Mission June 19 to 25

I walked the parish boundaries, about 7 miles total, Monday praying the rosary and stations as I went. I counted three botanical stores, (places that sell voodoo, santaria, etc items), and at least 3 infamous places with recent murders known for drugs. I hear this was also a place known to be the home of a serial killer in the area. I will bring the Guadalupe pilgrimage image from Dan Lynch ministries to these locations and prayer with some parishioners. 

Again any group of 3 or more, who wants to join us for the rosary march for some hours can signup for individual hours at the link through our parish website at   or  directly at Marian Mission St. Veronica’s.

People can also support us from a distance with prayers in their location. See  Marian Warriors signup 

Blessings in Jesus through Mary – Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE