Lenten Reflection, Happy Feast of the Annunciation, 33rd anniversary of IVE

I thought you might appreciate the Lenten reflection video I did for Pontifex university website. The IVE priests are being featured this Lent.
Fr. Brian did the editing with the paintings I mentioned placed into the video. Great job. His video and mine may appear on their website soon. See video at Fr. Joseph LoJacono, Lenten Reflection
Happy Feast of the Annunciation March 25th, the anniversary of our religious order foundation 33 years ago.
Ad Jesum per Mariam,
Fr. Joe LoJacono

Homily St. Joseph solemnity, St Joseph, who prepares the way for holiness and protects holiness

Here is my homily, St Joseph, who prepares the way for holiness and protects holiness.

St. Joseph’s solemnity is the foundational day for our feminine order the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin Matara (SSVM). They are part of our IVE religious family. St. Joseph is one of the great patrons for our religious family so we always celebrate his feast in a solemn way.

St. Joseph pray for us.

St. Patrick, follower of Jesus, missionary,exorcist

Here is my homily for St. Patrick’s day, St. Patrick, follower of Jesus, missionary,exorcist

May you avoid the debauchery and drunkenness that made Patrick a slave as a youth. Accept Jesus Christ as your true Lord and reject the works of Satan. Live in the true cultural heritage of St. Patrick as a follower of Jesus Christ.

St. Patrick, follower of Jesus, scourge of heretics, missionary of the true Church, exorcist of demons, pray for us!

St. Patrick’s breastplate long version with exorcism, form to be used for binding