Spiritual Exercises talk 18, A Meditation on the Resurrection

Here is the next talk in the Spiritual Exercises, A Meditation on the Resurrection. It would start the 4th week in the 30 day spiritual exercises. One should focus on joy, happiness, gratitude and that which brings light when meditating on this. Again bring all your emotions to the Lordship of Jesus.



Spiritual Exercises talk 16, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

Here is the next talk in the series for the Spiritual Exercises talk 16 Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
This is a continuation of the retreat exercises I was sending out a few weeks ago. For the other talks see the folder on spiritual exercises. See “within this Spiritual Exercises for Women, Maryland 2016.”
Again, maybe listen to one a week and meditate for 30 minutes.
In Christ,
Fr. Joseph LoJacono

Spiritual Exercises talk 15-Meditation on Penance and the Last Supper

Here is the next talk for the spiritual exercises a Meditation on Penance and the Last Supper.
With this talk the exercises start to move into what would be called the “third week” based on the 30 day spiritual exercises. For those not doing the 30 days, one can take this as one who is advancing in mental prayer and meditation. It especially focuses on the Lord Jesus during his passion and death.
I will be away for my own personal spiritual exercises next week. So I will stop sending this talks until October 13th.