Spiritual Exercises Talk 3, Sin in general

Spiritual Exercises 3, Sin in general

This is a Meditation on the history of Sin in the Angels, Adam and Eve, and mortal sins. In this meditation I give the structure and outline for how to do an Ignatian meditation. Refer also to the particular notes in the Spiritual Exercises themselves.

This is a model of the Ignatian method that one can use in personal prayer outside of the Spiritual Exercises. However, over time one does not need to be so strict in using the particular structure of the method. This is a good method for beginners to pray, especially for those who have extreme distractions in prayer.

Spiritual Exercises, living in Jesus Christ

I thought I would pass on the talks from a recent retreat called the “spiritual exercises.” These “”exercises” were designed by St. Ignatius of Loyola to center souls on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He felt inspired to help one more deeply bring ones intellect, will, imagination, body and entire person meditating on the life of Christ.

Here is the first of the foundation talks for women’s retreat. However, it could apply to men or women.

Principle and Foundation, Part I