Spiritual Exercises talk 13- Two banners Christ or Satan, where do you stand?

This meditation is picturing the spiritual warfare we are all part of. How much you are given into Satan and placing your thoughts and actions under his reign or how much you are holding these capture to Jesus Christ?
In Christ,
Fr. Joe LoJacono

Spiritual Exercises talk 12, Discernment of spirits for the advanced

This talk is a conference based on the writings of St. Ignatius. I speak about discernment of spirits, which could be human (in sense of attitudes) or angels and demons. Here is the talk Discernment of spirits for the advanced.
This is for the person who has been practicing mental prayer and avoiding grave mortal sins, such as murder, adultery, fornication, occult activities, apostasy, violence, drug addiction, extreme prejudice, total disregard for workers, abortion to name a few. Such sins need to be confessed.

Spiritual Exercises Talk 11 – Jesus coming to us in the Incarnation.

Here is the next meditation, actually a homily. Talk 11 – Jesus coming to us in the Incarnation.
Again you may take these at your own pace. You may listen to one talk then reflect on it for 30 minutes to an hour. You can do this every week or every two weeks, or twice a week, depending on your pace.
Since this is a homily, it may be just a short talk in between your meditations that you consider.

Spiritual Exercises 7th talk, Meditation on Death and Judgment


Here is the talk Meditation on Death and Judgment

Here is the sixth talk in the Spiritual Exercises. It is on Death and Judgment. Note this is one a series of talks. Later I will have one on the mercy of God. It is important not to anticipate. One needs to give all of their emotion, including fears over to the Lordship of Jesus.
Meditation on the judgment of God is part of this giving everything to the Lordship of Jesus.