Deliverance prayers in the Catholic tradition

Here I post a recent talk on Deliverance prayers in the Catholic tradition. I distinguish it from the influences coming from recent Pentecostal deliverance ministry. See links to the talk and question and answer below. Note the questions may be hard to hear.

Deliverance prayers in the Catholic tradition

Questions and Answers


Spiritual Exercises meditations for Lent

Consider reflecting on Spiritual Exercises meditations for Lent and finishing the last two talks in Easter. I would suggest the following method if you cant do an actual 3 day or longer silent spiritual exercises. Listen to two of these talks a week, right before an hour of silent Eucharistic adoration take notes during the adoration. Some of them our conferences for understanding the spiritual life. Follow them in the order they are posted below.

They were originally given for a women’s spiritual exercises a few weeks ago. You could also do this outside of Lent. Make an appointment with a priest to discuss your insights afterwards in a form of spiritual direction.

Here are the talks on the links to the talks about 40 to 50 minutes.

Principle and Foundation 1

Principle and Foundation 2

Three kinds of sin, talk 3

Discernment of Spirits, conference 4

Death and Judgment, talk 5

Mercy of God, talk 6

Christ the King, talk 7

Incarnation and Nativity, talk 8

Two Standards Christ and Satan, Talk 9

Reform of Life, Conference 10

Last Supper and Passion, talk 11

Passion of the Lord, talk 12

Meditation on the Resurrection, talk 13